We live in a REAL world, where REAL issues exist!!! Like it or not, our youth are being exposed to those "REAL issues" everyday. What decisions will they make? Will they give in to the overwhelming amount of peer pressure? Are they equipped and prepared to make the right decisions?


At the House of Restoration prayer is ALWAYS in order and should be the first thing that we do, but it is also important that we talk about these ''REAL issues". Our youth program is designed to create an atmosphere where young people can do just that: talk about them. As parents, our goal is to develop the kind of relationship with our children where they feel comfortable enough to talk to us about ANYTHING, but the reality is that most teens feel more at ease talking to their peers about certain subjects. Obviously, allowing teenagers to be in a room to discuss crucial topics among themselves is not the answer, so our youth minister is there to engage the topic, to encourage them to TALK ABOUT IT, to answer questions, and to equip them with biblical principles on how to handle these REAL issues they all face!


Our Youth meet every Wednesday night at 7:00


(7th-12th grade)

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