Sermon Refererences

Although Pastor Devrow didn't originally know that this first message was going to be the beginning of a series of messages, it turned out to be a multi-faceted message that directly addresses what most Christians understand that they need to do.. Live by Faith. it is hoped that this reference will assist you in reviewing the information that has already been delivered. If you missed one or perhaps all of the messages, you are invited to listen to the audio sermon(s) and follow along with the sermon notes. Pastor Devrow suggests that you begin every day with the confession written below.



I am an Extra-Ordinary person,
equipped by God,
to do Extra-Ordinary things!


(Each message title is followed by a link to the sermon notes and then by a link to the audio sermon. Each link will open in a new window.)


Once you pray and believe, you need to:


  1. Expect it!     
    Sermon Notes-Are You Expecting?
    Audio Sermon

  2. See it by Faith!     
    Sermon-Notes-I Can See It Now     
    Audio Sermon

  3. Confess it!     
    Sermon Notes-We Need to Confess It?     
    Audio Sermon

  4. Thank God in advance for it!     
    Sermon Notes-Thank Him in Advance     
    Audio Sermon

  5. Understanding that your words are more than "just words!"     
    Sermon Notes-They're More than Just Words     
    Audio Sermon

  6. Binding deadly words!     
    Sermon Notes-Binding Deadly Words
    Audio Sermon

  7. Releasing your inheritance!     
    Sermon Notes-Releasing Your Inheritance     
    Audio Sermon

  8. Understanding the importance of knowing who you are!     
    Sermon Notes-The Importance of Knowing Who You Are
    Audio Sermon

  9. Make them (your negative thoughts) obey Jesus!     
    Sermon Notes-Make Them Obey Jesus
    Audio Sermon

  10. God wants you to be Prosperous.
    Sermon Notes-God Wants You to be Prosperous
    Audio Sermon

  11. This is the Way We are to Live.
    Sermon Notes-This is the Way We are to Live
    Audio Sermon

  12. Now Just Be Patient
    Sermon Notes-Now Just Be Patient
    Audio Sermon

  13. Prophesy Daily
    Sermon Notes - Prophesy Daily
    Audio Sermon
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