Discipleship Classes

Considering the fact that our church is Non-Denominational, (which means that we are of no particular denomination) but we as a body are made up of multiple “denominational backgrounds”, it’s imperative that everyone that’s considering or decides to make The House of Restoration their church home, understands what we BELIEVE from a foundational biblical perspective, as well as understand the vision of our church, etc… To make this possible, we’ve designed an exciting class just for you, that meets on Wednesday nights for 8 consecutive weeks at 7:00.

Bible study geared toward learning the book of Revelation. This is a great opportunity if you may feel that it’s too hard to understand, ask questions. Just because we’re on part 2 doesn’t mean you can’t go through the class. The book of Revelation is packed with so much information from the churches to John’s visions.

A class where you will learn to find Joy in every situation. Life can leave you with heartaches and pain, but we as believers will learn how to view pain as a way to strengthen your faith, trust in the Lord, and point others to Christ, through our testimony and the gospel.

A class geared toward us first identifying the enemy, his tactics and learning to combat the issues/problems or even hurts we deal with from our past or possibly dealing with just everyday situations. This class will also teach us how to walk out of the enemy’s grasp and into a life being lead by Christ and it will equip us to help others.


Opportunities to Serve

ARE YOU INTERESTED IN SERVING AT THE HOUSE? Go to the Welcome Center, fill out a volunteer form and we will contact you with more information. Areas that we need help in include:

  • The Kid’s House
  • Praise & Worship Team
  • Sound
  • Hospitality
  • Usher/Greeter
  • Media

OUR TEENS are involved in helping those in our church that aren’t physically able to paint, house clean or do yard work. If you have a need in this area, please call the church at (479) 883.7726 or sign-up at the Welcome Center.

Intercessory Prayer: The Prayer Room on Sunday mornings from 9:30 a.m. until 10:00 a.m. This is a special time of prayer for Pastor, the service and individual prayer needs. Don’t have a LOT of time? Just drop-in when you can.

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