Unfortunately, going to a church for the first time can be a little bit uncomfortable. After all, you are wondering things like, "What should I wear? Will I be over/underdressed? Will I feel out of place? Will the Pastor ask me to stand up and introduce myself? R-I-G-H-T???

When you come to be our guest at the House of Restoration, hopefully the items listed below will help create an atmosphere of anticipation even before you get here, instead of, well, you know…


At the House of Restoration:


  • You will receive a genuine smile and welcome.

  • Our focus is not how YOU look, but rather on EXALTING JESUS CHRIST!!! You will fit right in wearing a suit and tie, a nice pair of Dockers, or your blue jeans and tennis shoes. (Really, just come, and you will see for yourself!)

  • The sincere love that our church family has will help you feel right at home!

  • You will find that things are done decently and in order. However, we do flow with and are led by the Holy Spirit. (As the song writer said; "Freedom reigns in this place!!!")

  • You will experience soul-feeding and anointed praise and worship.

  • The Word of God is passionately taught/preached by our Pastor! By the way, he will not ask you to stand and introduce yourself!!!

  • You will find a place filled with the Spirit of God and with loving people willing to accept you just the way you are, but believing that you will leave different than the way you came in!
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