Discipleship Classes


The House has a series of Discipleship Classes that are held on Wednesday Evenings beginning at 7:00 PM.


Journey Through Acts

with Mike Woods



A study of the Book of Acts that tells the story of the birth and early growth of the Christian church as powered by the promised Holy Spirit, and the truth that the good news of Christ is for all people.


The Kingdom Lifestyle

with Angela Hartwig



Sermon on the Mount:Kingdom Living Part 1 is the first part of an in depth look at the "Constitution of Christianity. Jesus' most expansive and direct sermon is unpacked a piece at a time to help us understand how to live wise and ultimately be called GREAT in God's eyes. Part 2 of this class will be offered in the next semester of Bible Study classes.



"The House" 411

with Pastor Tashala Devrow



Considering the fact that our church is Non-Denominational,( which means that we are of no particular denomination) but we as a body are made up of multiple "denominational backgrounds", it's imperative that everyone that's considering or decides to make The House of Restoration their church home, understands what we BELIEVE from a foundational biblical perspective, as well as understand the vision of our church, etc...
To make this possible, we've designed an exciting class (taught by me) just for you, that meets on Wednesday nights for 8 consecutive weeks at 7:00.
I look forward to seeing soon Wednesday night!

Pastor Tashala Devrow.



Bible Study

with Bill Collins or Taneka Tate



Mid Week Manna!
Bible Study is very purposeful and important in a Christian’s life! In 2 Timothy 2:15, Paul tells Timothy to study to show himself approved. That verse means we are already God’s best (approved) but we must read and study the word to know this and be transformed because of it. How do we do that? By being at Bible Study! If you are looking to find your “good”  self in Jesus Christ, Bible Study is the place to be. We are being empowered because we know, share, and believe the word of God! 



*You do NOT have to be a member of our church to attend.

Location-The House of Restoration
6115 Hwy 271 South
FT. Smith, AR 72908

Date- Every Wednesday evening for 8 weeks.

Time- 7:00-8:00PM

For further info, please call the office, Monday thru Friday from 9am.-5pm. at (479) 478-9700.


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